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A team competition of multiple tasks with one objective - to earn as much cash as you can! 

In this cost and reward scenario, working within tight time frames decisions must be made along the way; what to do and how long to do it! Teamwork and individual strengths come to the fore and can be used to reinforce company messages. Teams will compete against one another with the simple goal of earning the most money! The Team Captain will be briefed and handed the team pack. It is his responsibility to relay the information to the rest of his team. The pack will list the tasks and challenges on offer, some of which are compulsory, all of which have different monetary values. Pounds will be awarded based on the degree of success, level of teamwork and initiative illustrated. Also within the pack will be a float, or a little something to get you started - it may be that you have to 'pay to play' some of the challenges, or a joker - which you may play at any stage to double your points!

  • Duration: 2.0 hours.
  • Minimum Numbers: 8

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“There were obvious 'business' related tasks here and the team reacted well to the challenges. We'd be back again in a flash!” Emily Davies

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